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DIY Beeswax Wraps Review and Take 2 for Homemade Christmas Gifts

Leading up to Christmas we were thinking up some good homemade gift ideas for all of our relatives that already have everything and earn way more money than we do, so they can just buy whatever they want at much higher quality than we can afford.

Homemade gifts are great for these people. These are gifts with thought and love and a complete lack of brand name that cannot be searched for on any kind of price matching website.

Since our first attempt at beeswax wraps went so well, and my sister actually said she wanted me to BUY her some beeswax wraps but she didn't know "what brand was good", it was a no-brainer to get the left over beeswax and scraps of fabric out of the cupboard and whip up some more beeswax wraps for Christmas! I'd been meaning to make myself some smaller ones anyway, so this was the push we needed to get started.

Before I get onto our new beeswax wraps, let me review our first beeswax wrap with the hindsight of 6 months of wrap usage. Yes! It works! …