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Active Kids Break Bones or "Meg's Leg"

I've written before about my daughter Meg and it's usually me showing off about some exciting thing she just did like riding in the Australian Unicycle National Championships, or stilt walking in a parade, or learning to skip while standing on top of a giant ball.

This week she broke herself. Playing baseball. Because that is the least death defying thing she does. Fractured ankle broken in several directions.

Meg's Leg from Meg & Mog
Meg's Leg - we read a lot of Meg & Mog when she was younger
It seems that most active kids seem to break a bone at some point. At least that's what I've heard people say my whole life. I've never broken a bone. Probably because I am extremely uncoordinated. You'd think that would make me a prime candidate for breakages, but actually I think it may have saved me. I was always picked last for teams, and if there was an odd number, sometimes I got to sit out. Because having me as an extra on your team would actually be a hindrance. Growing up I played no sport. I couldn't run, I couldn't throw, I couldn't catch, I had terrible balance. If you can think of a sport that can be played without any of those skills - point me at it!

So, I'm still all in one piece so far (touch wood). On the other hand, "sporty kids" seem to always end up in plaster.

My daughter has just spent 3 days in hospital and 2 weeks on her back on the couch with her leg up on pillows. She has binge watched several series on Netflix and pretty much every romcom ever filmed. There has been a little bit of homework done... but it's nearly the end of the school year, so apart from one maths test, she really hasn't had much to do. 

Meg's Leg in it's nice new green cast
I'm thinking a bit of tinsel could make it more festive?

Today she got a new cast and she's allowed to walk around with crutches. Thank goodness! Because even though I feel very sorry for her, it is getting pretty tiring running back and forth between my home office and her couch and the kitchen and her bedroom and the kitchen again and back to my office (repeat 15 times daily). I have to feed the guinea pigs (let's be honest I did it 90% of the time before anyway), put away her washing, help my son with the dishes... She owes my son and I a backlog of housework when she's back on her feet. Just days before "the breakage" I'd given the kids a lecture,

"Mum & Dad run a wholesale giftware company. It's only 6 weeks until Christmas, the main gift giving time of the year. This is the time of year we earn all the money to pay for your stuff for the rest of the year. We really don't have time to pick up your clothes, or nag you about chores, or even feed you right now, so you need to help out a bit around the house or the first thing we'll stop doing to save time is feeding you".

And now I'm running upstairs every time I hear, "Muuuuum, can I have a drink of milk?"

Egg Nog from Aldi means it's Christmas time
Or Egg Nog. Because she checked the catalogue and made me go to Aldi the first day it was available.
Normally if it is a rainy weekend and the kids have been stuck indoors for more than 24 hours I have to tell them to run up and down the stairs to burn off some energy or they start niggling each other and whinging and being obnoxious. It's like they build up a static charge by sitting too long and if they don't run around to discharge it things start crackling and sparking and thunder happens. Miss Moody-Almost-a-Teenager is the worst and now she's been on her back for 2 weeks!! So the mood has lightened significantly now that she has a nice green cast and can get off her bum. She still has to keep weight off it for another month and is being encouraged to stay on her couch with her leg elevated, but she also has permission to return to school in a week. For the last week of school! When no school work happens anyway. Then she'll be back home for another 6 weeks but still in a cast and not able to go to the beach or bike riding or... help me!

Have you or your kids broken a bone? Was it at sport? Or was it doing something much less death defying?


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