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Japanese Dad Wrapping - Not for Christmas Gifts?

Who wraps the gifts at your house?

I have a feeling that our house is not that different from most in Australia and it's Mum (i.e. me) hiding in the office downstairs on Christmas eve with a pile of presents, sticky tape, scissors and a few rolls of tacky Christmas wrapping paper. I bought all the presents, I hid all the presents, and now I'm wrapping all the presents.

And it is totally unfair because my husband was once a professional gift wrapper. Really.

When the kids were old enough to start getting invited to birthday parties and needed help with wrapping presents they always came to me. And I asked, "Why me? Your Dad is a professional gift wrapper". And of course they looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

"Dad? A professional gift wrapper? Yeah right Mum. There's no such thing."

And yet, that is your father's secret past. When he was at university in Japan his summer job was wrapping Summer Gifts at a department store. He just went to work every d…

Active Kids Break Bones or "Meg's Leg"

I've written before about my daughter Meg and it's usually me showing off about some exciting thing she just did like riding in the Australian Unicycle National Championships, or stilt walking in a parade, or learning to skip while standing on top of a giant ball.

This week she broke herself. Playing baseball. Because that is the least death defying thing she does. Fractured ankle broken in several directions.

It seems that most active kids seem to break a bone at some point. At least that's what I've heard people say my whole life. I've never broken a bone. Probably because I am extremely uncoordinated. You'd think that would make me a prime candidate for breakages, but actually I think it may have saved me. I was always picked last for teams, and if there was an odd number, sometimes I got to sit out. Because having me as an extra on your team would actually be a hindrance. Growing up I played no sport. I couldn't run, I couldn't throw, I couldn'…