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The Feeling When You Get a Real Letter in the Post

Not a bill, not junk mail, not a notice that you just possibly maybe almost won a lottery. A real letter from a friend or family member that just says something nice, or has some happy news to share. When was the last time you got one of those?

I remember getting real letters when I was a teenager, which is admittedly an awfully long time ago. Besides thoughtful messages in birthday cards, my friends and I used to actually write letters to each other when we were away on holidays. I spent a good chunk of any trip buying postcards and sending them to my friends. I had boyfriends (it's true!) who wrote me soppy love notes and POSTED them to me. Or at least rode past on their BMX and dropped it in my letterbox. I mean, a letter from a friend is exciting enough, but a LOVE LETTER? That's a whole other level of breath holding anticipation as you tear (carefully) the envelope open.

When was the last time you received a hand written note in your letterbox?

My mother used to write a hand written "sum-up" of the year that was, and send it at Christmas to each of our friends and relatives that lived far away. My Aunt in England used to type hers out and send it with our Christmas card. Mum thought that was horrible because it was so impersonal to TYPE it. She thought my Aunt may even have photocopied the same letter to send to numerous relatives. The thought! And now? My Aunt keeps us updated regularly via Face Book and my mother relies on me to reciprocate in the same way.

When was the last time you bought a letter set? Matching paper and envelopes and maybe even little stickers to seal it shut? Remember getting letter sets from your Grandmother every Christmas? I remember one of my favourite birthday presents was a letter set printed with pictures of Morten Harket's cartoon self from A-Ha's "Take on Me " music video. It had little stickers of "X" kisses to seal the envelopes. I saved it to write special birthday messages only to my dearest teenage girlfriends who would truly appreciate a letter with Morten Harket's face on it.
Morten Harket A-Ha Take on Me

And then we have Japan. The land of the stationery shop to get lost in. The cutest, sweetest letter sets, notebooks, memo pads, puffy stickers, pens, pencils, pencil cases, desk tidies, erasers, correction tape, hole punches, staplers...  Despite our lack of ever getting around to posting each other letters any more, there is no lack of love for stationery.

This year, I am determined to use some of my stationery collection. I SELL stationery for goodness sake! But like a tradie whose house is falling down around them, I have a warehouse full of stationery and hardly write letters anymore. So, friends of mine who read this blog, don't be surprised if you find a cute letter in your letterbox in the coming weeks. It will be a lovely letter about nothing much. Maybe an update on what the kids have been up to, or an informal invitation to coffee. The kind of thing I might send you a text about or post on Face Book. Only in a hand written letter on cute stationery.
If anyone else wants to join me and send a few letters by ordering some of Kimono Daisy's Japanese stationery and using it, I will personally write you a lovely note for yourself and send it to you separately from your order so you can have the fun of opening up a letter too.

What kind of letter would you love to receive right now? (And don't say one from an actual real lottery company).


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