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How to Blog and Become an Influencer

I hope someone out there knows and is willing to give me all the hot tips. Will I ever reach the lofty heights of "micro influencer"?

I started out writing this blog, because a blog with regularly updated quality (?) content will improve my website search rankings and someone out there might actually find my little website.

I'm here! (jumps up and down waving arms) We have beautiful things! (waving and pointing at beautiful things). Is anybody out there? (gets Pink Floyd song stuck in head for the rest of the afternoon even though that's not the actual lyrics).

Also, I like reading and writing. I read lots of other people's blogs and think, "If I had a blog..." and then only think of about 3 actual articles I would write before I get writer's block. This being my tenth blog article so far I am doing better than I expected!

Still, the point was to blog about things you can do with our Kimono Daisy Japanese cotton fabrics. To give you great ideas for crafts, gift wrapping, table setting, sewing and getting creative with these gorgeous squares of fabric.

So far my most popular article is on DIY Beeswax wraps. They are actually great. I had fun making them with my daughter and I'm very proud of the one I made for the blog article. I even made a few more later on that I am still using in my kitchen. Yes, they have lasted almost 2 months now, so well on the way to the 12 months they are supposed to last.

If you read the original DIY Beeswax Wrap story you would know that it was my first time making a beeswax wrap. And my blog articles are continuing on this theme of being the first time I attempt something. While here I am writing a blog with instructions on how to get creative with fabric, for the most part I don't know how to sew, craft or create things with fabric. There are a billion other people out there much more skilled and qualified to write instructional blog posts than I am.

But here's the thing. Those billion other people are good at what they do. I've watched a few instructional videos for quilting and they make my eyes roll back in my head. What are they talking about? I can barely thread our hand-me-down sewing machine. Do people actually take sewing this seriously?

Well yes they do, and that is why those people have stunning quilts and beautifully sewn custom made clothes. And I have a dodgy fabric necklace.

If you're like me and just want to have a crack at something for fun on the weekend. Keep reading this blog. I will not teach you the finer points of needlepoint. But I am going to keep having fun trying all these things out and letting you know how I go at it.

Any ideas for what I should try next? Should I change the name to "The Beginners Guide to Making Something out of Squares of Fabric, Preferably with Help from your Children who are Much Better at This."?


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