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Eggplant Chocolate Brownies - with Recipe!

I don't often follow recipes. And when I do I often fudge the ingredients depending on what's in the cupboard, or what I like/dislike.

I saw a recipe for Chocolate Eggplant Brownies on SBS and thought, "Hey, I have an eggplant in the fridge!", but I didn't have coconut oil or almond meal or pitted dates, which were also required. So I forgot about it.

Then I went to Aldi that afternoon and lo and behold I spotted some almond meal and organic coconut oil, which reminded me about the eggplant brownie recipe. It must have been a sign! I didn't see pitted dates, but honestly I didn't look for them. Gross - I'd just leave those out anyway.

So, back home I looked the recipe up again and got to work. I decided since I was leaving out 60g of pitted dates, I should add an extra 60g of dark chocolate. You know, to make sure there's the right amount of stuff in the recipe even if it isn't the right stuff.

The family were very suspicious that I had accide…

Head colds and old fashioned handkerchiefs

I've been thinking about the good ol' days when I used to use a handkerchief to blow my nose.

Right now I have a head cold. It's awful. It's a good thing I am typing now, because if we were speaking to each other it would be all "I hab a head cod" with multiple sniffles between words. And you shouldn't come anywhere near me because I have germs pouring out my nose like someone turned a tap on.

Kimono Daisy's Japanese cotton squares (available here), are often called "Japanese handkerchiefs" , but the way a Japanese person uses a handkerchief and the way I used to (a method handed down from my English father) are completely different.

I used to blow my nose into a hanky, then fold (or screw) it up and put it back in my pocket. When I needed another blow I would take it out again, find a dry corner and blow again. At the end of a full day of nose blowing I would throw it in the wash with my other clothes.

The first time I traveled to Japan on …