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Is Matcha better than Kale? Which Green rules supreme?

Disclaimer: In my day job I sell Japanese teapots and tea cups through

So, you've guessed right that I like tea. I drink a lot of tea. Especially Japanese green tea. Here is my gigantic Japanese tea mug (about 500ml). I am already half way down my second one of these for today.

I get asked a lot about the health benefits of green tea. Because I sell teapots and I drink tea, so I am obviously an expert.

Yup - it's good for you. Apparently. According to some scientists who studied it. And a whole bunch of people obsessed with matcha (or macha?) at the moment.

I once read an article that said if you drink 5 cups of green tea a day you will lose 5kg within a week.

Well that's nice. I already drink 4 or 5 cups of green tea a day. Do I have to up it to 10 to lose the 5kg? Or did I already lose that 5kg ages ago? I have a sneaking suspicion that you only lose 5kg if you now drink green tea instead of 5 glasses of soft drink. That would totally work. Sadly when…

May the Fourth be with you!

It's May the Fourth and that means Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you.

In honour of Star Wars Day this year I made myself a cup of matcha latte in my daughter Meg's R2D2 mug (I'll wash it up before she gets home from school so she'll never know!).

AND - I whipped up a little Yoda napkin fold to make it all look pretty and totally Star Wars themed for the special day.

Actually it was because Meg had been making napkin roses (that's another story) and I thought they looked a bit like Yoda if you did them in a green fabric. You don't see it? Come on! It totally looks like Yoda.

Well, I think it looks at least as much like Yoda as this rope light Yoda we attempted to make one Christmas.

Friends told me it looked like a seagull sitting on a bell. And yes, I can see where they were coming from. Obviously rope light sculpting is not one of our best skills.

Have you ever tried to make something look like Yoda? Or any other character? Got any hilarious fails (or …